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Seminyak Bali Water Sports Tour is Bali Activities Tour Package which offer comprehensive range of marine activities with great challenges, exciting and designed full of fun in TanjungBenoa Nusa Dua. It is offers variety of water activities from motorizes until non-motorize one and bring you to unforgettable experience to enjoy fun activities in the beach or in the ocean. Bali Water Sports Tour giving the fantastic experience marine adventures for everyone who desires to enjoy the exciting Bali Water Sports such as: Snorkeling, Parasailing, Jet Ski, Donut Boat, Water Ski, Flying Fish, Banana Boat, Wake Boarding and Turtle Islands and package of marine sport with competitive rates. To keep guest comfortable all Bali Water Sports Tour activities are ensured by high quality safety equipment and medical insurance. Just enjoy the exciting Bali Water Sports activities of your choice.

Seminyak Bali Bali Tour also provide with the combination between Water Sports Activity with Sightseeing Tour, you can do two different experience during the combination tours we offer to you. We have plenty of combination watersports and sightseeing tours such as : Bali Water Sports and Uluwatu Tour is great experience to enjoy watersports activity and visiting uluwatu temple, Bali Water Sports and Dinner Tour is amazing experience to do watersports adventure and enjoy seafood dinner, Bali Water Sports and Ubud Tour is popular combination to visit tanjungbenoa for watersports adventure and visiting Ubud tourist destination and Bali Water Sports and Tanah Lot Tour is great experience to enjoy the fun of watersports activity and continue visit the famous Tanah Lot Temple.

Anyway, if you are looking for fun, you have come to the right place at Bali Water Sports Tour!!! If you are going to get wet, find your own level of Water Sports Activity with Bali Golden Tour. Our Bali Water Sports activities will get you as close to the water as you want to be

Bali Parasailing

Bali Parasailing is a Bali Water Sports tour package to enjoy parasailing in Bali Islands. The parasailor is strapped into a harness which is attached to the parasail canopy and connected to the speed boat via a rope and watersports parasailing for 1 round.

Bali Snorkeling

Bali Snorkeling is anBali Water Sports tour package to enjoy Snorkeling in Bali islands. You will use a shaped tube called a snorkel and explore the beauty of underwater world in tanjungbenoa beach, enjoy watersports snorkeling for 60 minutes.

Bali Jet Ski

Bali Jet Ski is a Bali Water Sports tour package to fell the enjoyable riding jet ski in Bali islands. Jet Ski is just like a motorcycle, the acceleration in a jet ski is provided by a hand powered throttle located on the right side grip.

Bali Banana Boat

Banana boat is a Bali Water Sportstour package to enjoy an inflatable recreational boat. Banana boat is very popular watersports activity in Bali islands, this watersports games over fun of watersports activity for 15 minutes ride in tanjungbenoa beach.

Bali Turtle Islands

Bali Turtle Islands Tour is an exciting Bali Water Sports tour package to enjoy visiting a small island turtle conservation. Is great adventure of watersports activity to know more about endangered species of turtle, in here you can get closed and touch the turtle.

Bali Flying Fish

Bali Flying Fish is a Bali Water Sports tour package and the ultimate in speed and exhilaration the Flying Fish, during this watersports activity you will sit side of the tube fish and hold on tight and enjoy fly around tanjungbenoa beach.

Bali Donut Boat

Bali Donut Boat is a Bali Water Sports tour package and one of the new games that began popular, the donut boat is very similar with Banana boat, just different the design of the tube but still offer the same exciting watersports adventure.

Bali Water Ski

Bali Water Ski is a Bali Water Sportsuses water ski board and pulled by the power boat to around beach area. During watersports Water Ski you can stand upright while holding onto a tow rope and enjoy the fun and exciting moment of watersports activity.

Bali Diving

Bali Diving is a Bali Water Sports activity package to enjoy diving at beautiful Nusa Dua beach, is great opportunity of diving watersports activity in tanjungbenoa beach to see the beautiful colorful coral and fishes from the smallest to the biggest one.

Glass Bottom Boat

Bali Glass Bottom Boat is a Bali Water Sports activity by ride a boat with section of transparent glass, the view is better than simply looking into the water from above. This glass bottom boat is combined with visiting Turtle islands conservations.

Bali Wake Boarding

Bali Wake Boarding is a surface Bali Water Sports activity which involves riding a wakeboard in the water, this watersports activity of wakeboarding is new adventure and developed from a combination of water skiing, snow board and surfing techniques.

Bali Ocean Walker

Bali Ocean Walker is a Bali Water Sports activity to enjoy wlaking on the bottom of Bali Ocean at Nusa Dua beach, during watersports ocean walker you will see spectacular underwater world view of fishes and natural coral reef for 30 minutes.

Bali Water Sports Tour Price include :

  • We provide life jacket for all Water Sports activities
  • Special for Jet Ski activity must be guided by Instructor ( No extra cost for the Instructor )
  • For Snorkeling included Fin, Mask, Snorkel and boat
  • For Glass Bottom Boat & Turtle Island Tour Children price (8 –12) year 50 % from adult rate.
  • For Glass Bottom Boat & Turtle Island Tour Children price (1 – 7) year Free of charge.
  • About rates are valid with minimum guarantee booking is 2 Person.
  • Price are inclusive of Government tax & Service charge.

Water Sports activities is not suitable for pregnant women, people with heart problem, people is respiratory problem, currently has a sinus problem, recently has ear infection, has claustrophobia problem.

For futherinformations please ask concierge,tour desk staft or visit : www.seminyakbalitour.com

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